The Hidden Horse Head is a blog dedicated to finding the hidden images of the Renaissance paintings.

Recently I made a series of discoveries – optical illusions painted into famous masterpieces. This site will take a look at those paintings one by one and show you how to view the illusions and what could be see. I will talk about how I made my discovery – something that went unseen for five hundred years.

Our venture will have us look at these famous works in a whole new light. I will also explain how I came upon the answers to the mysteries of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa and how I discovered secrets to The Last Supper and other paintings, including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Welcome to the Hidden Horse Head! Enjoy!

“Dedicated to Ginger, who sat by my side through my work and through my discoveries,
but passed on November 1 to an unknown illness. Walking through the front door will
never be the same without you.” ~ Ron Piccirillo


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